Want To Be a Teacher?
Becoming a Teacher is Easier than You Think with the Tuolumne County Residency Program!

The Tuolumne County Residency Program, in collaboration with the Teachers College of San Joaquin and the Tuolumne County Superintendent of Schools, offers a unique opportunity for individuals with a bachelor’s degree who aspire to become teachers.

This one-year credential program is designed to facilitate teaching in the local community, providing robust mentorship and support. The coursework is conveniently scheduled for two evenings per week online, and participants can earn a Special Education or a General Education Teaching Credential, or both.

Successful program completion may lead to priority consideration for employment and the possibility of substitute teaching up to two days per week. Financial assistance and grants are available to support participants.

Interested individuals can contact Andi Thomas at 209-536-2015 or athomas@tcsos.us for more information.

Download the Tuolumne County Residency Program Flyer